Prior to all skin treatments we offer a comprehensive skin analysis and consultation.

Skin Analysis and Consultation $30


Medi-facials use active ingredients, providing greater results than more traditional facial treatments. All medi-facials are designed and performed by our dermal clinicians. A treatment series may be advised.

Medi-facials can address a variety of skin concerns. including aging, dehydration, pigmentation, and skin blemishes such as pimples and blocked pores.

Rejuvenate Facial $155 – $200
Purify Facial $130
Hydrate Facial $140
Express Facial $80
Mesoéclat Repairing Facial $165
Cosmelan Pigmenation Treatment $850
Add On Ampoule Therapy $30
Add On Hydrating Crystal Fibre Mask $35
Add On Extractions $20
Series/Packages POA


Skin peels use Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids (AHA/BHA), along with vitamins and anti-oxidants to exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin. Your skin will feel immediately softer after a skin peel, with a culmative improvement seen with a series of treatments.

AHA & BHA Peels from $80 – $120
Vitamin A & C Peels from $100
Facial Infusion from $120
Enzyme Therapy from $90
Series/Packages POA


MiniVac diamond tip microdermabrasion provides a gentle yet effective physical exfoliation of the skin, removing dull surface cells and deep cleansing.

Express Microdermabrasion from $90
Classic Microdermabrasion from $130
Deluxe Microdermabrasion from $165
Series/Packages POA


Skin needling using Medik8’s DermaRoller and micro stamping with DermaStamp offers collagen induction to rejuvenate aging skin and reduce scarring.

Skin Needling with DermaRoller from $400
Micro Stamping with DermaStamp from $190
Series/Packages POA


Recommended fto improve collagen production, inflamed (red and sore) skin, pimple-prone skins, as well as those with eczema & psoriasis.

Single LED Session from $90
Monthly Packages (8 sessions)  $590


Infini uses fractionated focused radio frequency energey delivered via microneedles to improve a number of this concerns. Inifin is recommended to tighten sagging skin, reduce wrinkles, improve scarring, enhance volume in aging skin, rejuvenated the skin around the eyes, & lessen the appearance of enlarged pores. A series of treatments is recommended.

Full Face or Neck from $450
Other Areas POA
Series/Packages POA


Treatments offer anti-aging benefits, fade freckles & age spots, reduce skin redness & ‘broken capillaries’. 1 or more treatment/s may be recommended for optimal results. Prices listed are per session.

Consultation & Patch Test $30
Spot Treatment from $70
Full Face from $280
Neck from $190
Decollétage from $190
Face, Neck & Decollétage from $550
Hands from $150
Other Areas & Packages  POA


A non-invasive treatment that permanently reduces the number of the growing hairs. 8-10 session may be required for significant hair reduction. Prices listed are per session.

Consultation & Patch Test $30
Upper Lip from $50
Chin from $60
Half Face from $140
Full Face from $200
Underarms from $60
Standard Bikini from $120
G-String Bikini from $180
Brazilian Bikini from $220
1/2 Legs from $200
Full Legs from $400
Forearms from $150
Full Arms from $200
Stomach from $100
Chest from $250
Back from $250
Shoulders from $100
Other Areas & Packages POA



Totally Skin & Beauty’s signature 6-step brow service will give your admirers ‘brow envy’. Our brow queens are highly skilled beauty therapists who will enhance your facial features with flattering brows.

Designer Eyebrows $39
Consultation, shaping with waxing & plucking, trimming, tinting & brow powder application.

Eyebrow Sculpting $27
Consultation, waxing, plucking, & trimming.


‘Hollywood’ Brazilian (all off) from $55-65
‘California’ Brazilian (leave a little) from $59-65
‘Miami’ G-String Bikini from $37-49
‘The Standard’ Standard Bikini from $32
Lip from $18
Chin from $18
1/2 Arm from $31
Full Arm from $39
Lower Leg from $39
Upper Leg from $43
Full Leg from $59
Underarm from $23
Other Areas & Packages POA


Back from $49
Shoulder from $55
Back & Shoulder  from $59
Chest from $44
Stomach from $36
Chest & Stomach from $59
Neck from $29
Full Arm from $55
Full Leg  from $60
Speedo Line from $34
Other Areas & Packages POA


Our tinting services will enhance your natural features 24/7 without make up.

Eyebrow Tint $22
Eyelash Tint $33
Eyebrow & Eyelash Tint $40


Express Mani $30
Polish removal, buff nails & polish application
Classic Mani $45
Polish removal, cuticle work, filing & buffing, massage & polish application
Deluxe Mani $65
Polish removal, cuticle work, filing & buffing, massage, collagen mask & polish application
Add Shellac/Orly Gel Fx, from $20
Gel polish application
Add French Polish $10
Add Nail Art, from $5
Removal of Shellac/Gel Polish, from $15


Express Pedi $50
Polish removal, buff nails & re-apply polish
Classic Pedi $90
Polish removal, cuticle work, filing & buffing, callus rasping, exfoliating scrub, relaxing massage & polish application.
Deluxe Pedi $120
Polish removal, cuticle work, filing & buffing, callus rasping & peel, exfoliating scrub, relaxing massage, collagen mask & polish application
Add Shellac/Orly Gel Fx, from $20
Gel polish application
Add French Polish $10
Add Nail Art, from $5
Removal of Shellac/Gel Polish, from $15


We use sunless tanning shades ranging from lightly sun kissed to deeply bronzed from professional tanning solutions St Tropez and Black Magic. Development times range from 2/4/6 and 8 hours to suit your needs.

Fully Body Spray Tan $55
1/2 Body Spray Tan $39
Extra Coat from $14
3 x Spray Tan Package $135